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Bluebird Enterprise, Inc. | Quality Washing and Inspection Machine Parts and Service

- Rubber to Metal      Adhesives                      - PVC Seals
- Consulting
- Parts Washing  
- Open Molding                          - SandBlasting
 - Assembly
 - Sorting
Equipment List

- Roll Coater
- Open Molding Dial 
- Manual Sandblaster
- Hand Paint Lines
-4T to 40T Presses


- ISO 9001:2015

Custom Parts for Washing and Inspection Machines Manufacturing


 Equipment List

Rubber to metal adhesives:
1- Hand Spray Line
1- Roll Coater
1- 110 Station Chain on edge
4- Hand Paint Lines

Open Molding:
1- Open Molding Dial
PVC Seals:
1- Magnetic Rail

Parts Washing:
1- Parts Washer

Specialty Sandblasting:
1- Manual Sandblaster
1- Automatic Sandblaster

Bluebird Enterprise, Inc.
Hand spray line with one priming booth and two top coating booths for applying rubber to metal adhesives to sophisticated parts that can not be ran on a chain on edge.
  Bluebird Enterprise, Inc.
Dip drain line with oven used for complete dipping of parts into water based automotive approved paint.

Bluebird Enterprise, Inc.
Roll coater- High speed, accurate with great transfer efficiency, used in coating the OD of inner metal tubes with rubber to metal adhesives.
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